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          Fairyland provides the complete solution for different gas concentration.

          Industry survey

          In the field of high concentration gas power generation, Fairyland provides customers with project consulting, equipment supply, commissioning and other services.

          In the low concentration of gas utilization aspect, Fairyland provides mature low concentration gas pre-treatment and low concentration gas purification technology. Low concentration of gas can be purified to 30% or more, which is beyond the gas explosion area. The risk of low concentration gas utilization will be reduced, in order to ensure the intake air concentration of generation set. Thus, the running time and operating efficiency of the generation set will be improved effectively. What’s more, the low concentration gas can also be deep purified to 90%, so that it can be used for CHP.

          Atlas of equipment

          • 低濃瓦斯除濕系統

          • 低濃瓦斯提純系統

          • 瓦斯除濕系統

          • 瓦斯預處理系統