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          Landfill Gas

          Twelve years we witnessed from birth to metamorphosis, from ignorant to mature, from the development of a leaf boat for the trip giant Ge. Fairyland, the impact of industry strength.

          Industry survey

          For the landfill, the landfill gas is produced by the anaerobic fermentation due to the large amount of organic matter in municipal solid waste. Landfill gas is a kind of resources which can be utilized, it can be used as fuel for heating. And after transport, purification and compression, landfill gas can also be used as vehicle fuel or electric energy. Landfill gas pre-treatment system is a gas transmission bridge between landfill gas collection and landfill gas generating units, which provides a clean and stable gas source for the generators. It is an essential purification system for landfill gas power generation.

          Fairyland provided more than 20 landfill sites with landfill gas pre-treatment system, e.g. Beijing Gaoantun landfill, Shenzhen Xiaping landfill, Guangzhou Xingfeng landfill, Shanghai Laogang landfill, Hangzhou Tianziling landfill etc.

          In 2010, our landfill gas pre-treatment and supporting system were exported to Malaysia.

          In 2015, Fairyland constructed the first closure landfill gas pre-treatment project (Wuhan Jinkou landfill "Nirvaha" Garden Expo)

          Atlas of equipment

          • 垃圾填埋場封廠預處理系統

          • 填埋場預處理及火炬系統