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          Biogas Energy

          related to municipal organic solid waste, agricultural waste, alcohol plant, paper mills, starch and food plant, etc.

          Industry survey

          Fairyland is a high-tech company, which focuses on scale biogas projects, our business area includes food waste treatment plant, straw waste, pasture, alcohol plant, paper mill, food factory etc. Use organic waste as raw material for anaerobic fermentation to produce biogas. After pre-treatment (desulphurization, dehydration and dust purification etc.), biogas can be used as a clean fuel for CNG, or it can also be used for CHP.

          In 2006, Fairyland began to construct the first biogas pre-treatment project. After 10 years of technical innovation and experience accumulation, fairyland has successfully constructed more than 60 projects. Until now, the biogas treatment capacity is 114,000 cubic meters, the installed capacity is 12MW, green power production has reached 375 million kWh and Fairyland has reduced 1,29 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions. Fairyland is a company with environmental protection and economic benefit.

          Atlas of equipment

          • 生物脫硫

          • 沼氣預處理

          • 沼氣發電

          • 火炬系統

          • 沼氣提純