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          Municipal Waste

          food waste, kitchen waste, organic sewage, organic sludge

          Industry survey

          Municipal organic solid waste: Food waste, kitchen waste, organic sewage, organic sludge etc.

          In 2011, Fairyland entered the field of organic waste treatment, and realized the resources, reduction and harmlessness of organic waste with anaerobic fermentation technology.

          In the field of food waste treatment, Fairyland has successfully obtained many national patents, constructed and operated many projects. According to the high content of organic matter and complex components, Fairyland innovated the anaerobic fermentation technology on the basis of the German food waste treatment technology. Fairyland adopted "large material separation + crushing pulping + efficiently sand removal" as pretreatment process; "heating + three-phase centrifugal separation," as oil-water separation. After the pre-treatment, the organic slurry will be pumped into anaerobic fermentation system (wet, medium/high-temperature, two-phase), in order to prove stable process. The whole process is characterized as high organic matter removal rate and high gas yield.

          Fairyland provides customers with project consulting, engineering design, equipment supply, construction, commissioning and other services.


          Atlas of equipment

          • 接收輸送系統

          • 大物質分選系統

          • 油脂提取系統

          • 破碎分選制漿一體機

          • 除砂系統

          • 緩沖罐

          • 厭氧發酵系統

          • 沼氣處理利用系統

          • 沼液沼渣處理系統